My commitment to you.


If I reach out to you, or you reach out to me, I commit to the following:

  1. I commit to keeping our conversations and any information we discuss strictly confidential.

  2. I commit to protecting your information the same way I would protect my own, and using it only for the purpose of considering the purchase of your company.

  3. I commit to honoring your relationships by never contacting your employees, customers, suppliers, or partners without your explicit and written permission.

  4. I commit to answering all questions you may have about me, Eagle Rock, or this process with honesty and transparency.

  5. I commit to giving you a realistic estimate of the price I’ll be able to pay after we’ve signed a confidentiality agreement and exchanged financial information.

  6. I commit to meeting any and all deadlines we set for continuing our discussions.

If we decide that this is a good fit, and make the shared decision to continue our discussions, I commit to the following:

  1. I commit to making you a written offer only when I intend to follow through and when my investors and I have the capital to complete the transaction.

  2. I commit to being fully transparent with my goals and aspirations for the company. My investors and I will only move forward when we believe we can buy, grow, and hold indefinitely; we will never invest to “flip” a business.

  3. I commit to being patient. I recognize that you’ve devoted decades of your life to your business and that a decision this significant requires time, planning, and thought.

If we decide to work together and you decide to sell me your business, I commit to the following:

  1. I commit to leading the company in a manner consistent with our shared morals and values.

  2. I commit to ensuring the long-term success of your company. I will relocate to the business, work alongside you during the transition, and devote 100% of my time and effort to the business’s success.

  3. I commit to doing right by your employees, customers, and the communities you serve.

  4. And, most importantly, I commit to carrying on your legacy by running and growing your business with the same hard work, integrity, and discipline that enabled your success.